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Turn on circuit after windows starts

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  • Turn on circuit after windows starts

    So my system is up and other than two problems I'm pretty content with it.

    1. It randomly doesn't like to boot. I believe it's an intermittent on either one of the cards or the memory module. Drive a block and hit the MB power switch and it fires up. No biggie, just need to pull the passengers seat to fix. Also, not at all relevant to this post in the slightest.....

    2. I'm using an TDA7850 4 ch amp and when the OS has booted, it is nice and quiet and everything is great. When the OS shuts down or when the computer is booting, I get all kinds of noise. Power supply noise, alternator noise, HD noise, it's real bad. Because of this I would like to turn on the amp's power circuit only AFTER Windows boots. I would also like it to drop as soon as the desktop disappears so I don't have any shutdown noise. The first could probably be done with the thump control set to like 7 seconds in the M4ATX. That wont help the latter.


    I was thinking of Mitch's USB IO-1. Set the relay to NO and then set it to close whenever RR fires up. I'm pretty sure that this would be the easiest, cleanest, cheesiest solution, but sometimes I inexplicably look right past the obvious...

    Anyone else done this before or have any ideas?

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    there was a program around here called something like AMPctrl. basically it used a serial port output to enable a amp after the pc had booted. that might be what you need, without the extra box that the usb io-1 would add.
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      Hmmm. I looked that up and it would probably work, but I'm fresh out of available serial ports.... I'm thinking Mitch's box might inspire me to also do something with the inputs as well....


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        there is a program called com port winamp control. it gives you up to 15 button input on a db9 connector. you can use the $3 usb-to-serial adapters too, so you dont have the excuse of being out of serial ports.

        since you need a signal out, there is an LED option that can light up when the program opens (just open winamp with windows). you can step up that signal to drive a relay.