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    Hi all

    I have started taking longer journeys on my big bike now that I have my full license (Honda Varadero)

    and I want to put a pc into it.

    It would only be for Music on the motorway and GPS navigation, possibly also a bullet camera to record the multiple instances of people nearly killing me every day .

    I have a top box with plenty of space so that isn't a problem.

    The only issues I can see is screen choice, I think 7inches would be too large to fit anywhere on the front of the bike, maybe something around 4inches with a custom interface on windows would work.

    Any thoughts?

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    Originally posted by alexanderfoti View Post
    now that I have my full license ..... multiple instances of people nearly killing me every day
    I'll be honest, those two points would indicate to me that perhaps you shouldn't put a major distraction on the front of your bike. That being said, I think a BikePC overall is a decent idea, but only if done right. There are several 4-5" LCD screens out there, but none that I've found with VGA input. You could find a carpc that has composite video output though. While the quality may suffer some, you shouldn't be looking close enough at the screen while riding to notice.

    If you do happen to find a 4-5" LCD with VGA input, by all means please post it here, since it seem that sort of thing is a bit hard to find.
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      I know what you mean, I have thought about the safety aspect.

      The Music is only when im on the motorway when all you can hear is wind noise anyway (so you must wear ear plugs)

      And the gps is so I dont keep getting lost

      I have always thought that composite video quality would be too low for computer use?

      Im pretty sure the small psone screens have this ability. hmmm. Must have a look around.

      Many thanks


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        Here is one example:

        What would be cool is if you could do a HUD in yor windscreen.

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          this site has a 3" vga screen, and a 3.5" vga touch screen. no bezels, and never ordered, so unsure of the quality, but they are out there:

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            Thanks Soundman! I didnt see the post!

            Those screens look idea, and allow me to create my own bezel + waterproofing etc.

            The only issue is getting windows to run on 640x480

            another feature I would have to have is automatic camera recording! Defo a requirement there!


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              On that note, is there any good software that can do "in car type" DVR recording?


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                The bike you saw, and the project, is mine. If I can be of help, contact me.

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                  Many thanks cohesivetech.

                  I can get round the initital obstacles. The hardest is mounting the screen in a way that a) is out of the way b) doesnt restrict handlebar movement c) allows the screen to be easily removed.

                  I will be interested to see how you have approached these obstacles


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                    In my case, the design began five years ago so I didn't have a lot of choices. I am also designing a system for sale so my approach is a bit different. Honestly, give a lot of thought to a smartphone mount as this is the future. I used a mounting shelf to keep the display just below my forward vision.

                    Look at Ram mounts ( for mounting options.

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                      Hm I see, I already have a ram mount on my bike for the satnav, I think if I can figure out a way to slot on/off then that will be ideal, screwing the mount on and off using the clamp would be a nightmare everytime I park the bike somwhere.

                      I could possibly modify a smartphone mount like you say.