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Webtv useless?

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  • Webtv useless?

    Hey, just wanted to say Hi, new to the site (been reading for a week or so), I have finished my HTPC, and now its time for the car.

    I have this webtv setup that was given to me, reciever, keyboard and remote.

    Is this thing useless? No way to hack it to add a HD onto the parallel port or run windows CE on it? God it would be the perfect size.

    I tried to program the keyboard using my IMON reciever (BTW, the IMON remote for htpc's are the best thing ever, seriously!) and it picks up the signal, but never actually executes what its told to.

    Anybody used a I-opener (hacked with HD) as their car mp3 box? seems like a good setup.
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    nice paperweight
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      Want a challenge? Use the WebTV case to build your ITX PC into. Might be cool to try a flush install of a media card reader in the face. I always thought it would be cool to do a boot from CompactFlash and be able to swap out OS's as compact flash cards; Win98SE on a 128 and multiple Linux setups on different 16 and 32meg cards.