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mp3 player kit / controller based

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  • mp3 player kit / controller based has anyone looked at that before? Maybe it's already been posted.. I found it to be awesome.. it just uses a few controller chips ... a DAC , mp3 decoder, laptop harddrive interface, simm ram slot.. I think that is a great mp3player concept/ kit...

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    I bought one a couple of years ago. I mounted it in an old
    external cd writer case w/power supply. It runs off 120v and has a 60 gig ibm drive(3.5"). I bought the display as well. It works pretty good and the sound quality is excellent. My only issue with it is the functionality. Development has been slow and the features are limited. The project is open source, so it is a work in progress. There are some good people working on it and the designer is a top notch guy. I don't believe there is another mp3 kit out there that compares to it.



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      double post. sorry