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ELM 327 Clone Freezes Vehicle ECU

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  • ELM 327 Clone Freezes Vehicle ECU

    I acquired a ELM 327 chinese clone and am using it in centrafuse. It works great, until I left it connected with the ignition off. When I went back to my truck, everything was disabled right down to lights and door locks. It would start but would not remain running. I unplugged the device from the OBD2 port and the truck came back to life.

    Is this typical, or could it be the cheap Chinese clone, or an issue with my vehicle?

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    Originally posted by highamperage View Post
    Is this Chinese clone
    Quoted the important parts. I'm willing to bet that your vehicle is CAN based. If you screw up and throw error messages on the CAN bus, or reply to a message that dosen't belong to you, the ECU will flip out. I remember we were messing with a Ford Escape, and we managed to disable the throttle and steering assist accidently by not responding correctly to a message. Cheap chinese clones probably screwed that part up. You get what you pay for, buy a tool next time :P
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