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D-Link FM radio....Does it work with Windows XP?????

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  • D-Link FM radio....Does it work with Windows XP?????

    I've heard conflicting stories about the d-link fm radio. Some say it will NOT work with XP, and some say it does. Any confirmation??? And if anyone is selling one, let me know! Thanks!!!
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    I've used mine under XP and it works fine.

    The driver can cause system blue screens though transitioning in and out of hibernate and standby.

    If you unplug (or cut power) to the radio before the hibernate/standby the driver will unload and not crash.


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      I used it with XP. The software really sucks, use third party software like Radiator instead.

      Even then I was not happy with the quality though, and I got poor reception in the car. I ended up using a NewQ Platinum which works great for getting radio in the car, although it might not be a good solution for everyone.


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        I'm using mine with XP.

        I agree with the comments re BSOD after hibernate. However, given that I just cut the power to shut the machine down (on timer), it's not really an issue for me.

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          How does this radio work with STR? I used it in my old setup where I used hibernate with Win2k and found that the radio didn't like to wake back up after hibernation. It would take a restart to get it working again.

          My new setup (which I'm still waiting for my power supply) will hopefully be using STR, are there any known problems?


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            AFAIK, STR = Hibernate?

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              STR=suspend to ram = standby=everything shuts off accept the RAM which keeps the OS running. hibernate on the other hand, writes all the memory of the RAM into the harddrive then shuts off the computer completely. when wake back up, STR resumes were the computer left off. waking up from hibernate, requires the HDD to put the stored memory back on to the RAM then resumes there the computer left off. STR will kill your battery if left days with out starting the car. Hibernate on the other hand will not.
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                Just got my USB D-Link and yep, works with WinXP. I found a PDF that D-Link themselves put out that explains how to install it.

                And yeah Radiator is the way to go, nice little piece of Freeware there.

                One question....since the antenna on the DLink is a RCA connector, I suspect that it can be wired up to the car antenna to allow for better reception, anyone try this yet??
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                  Cool - just grabbed the xp drivers for my d-link radio - hopefully they hibernate a little better than the old ones.

                  Re connecting to the car radio - can be done. Someone else here (name escapes me) removed the RCA from the board, while I run a cable from the RCA to a connector that has 2 female RCA's - one on either end. One end of this accepts the cable from the Dlink, while the other has been brute force modified to accept the antenna lead.

                  My reception is a little sketchy though, and I think I'll have a friend that can solder modify my board for me.

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                    I picked up an adapter to go from normal car antennas to the GM plug (or something like that) and just cut it in half and wired it up to a RCA plug. The adapter was only like 8 bucks or something.



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                      My radio bluescreens then instantly restarts XP during normal operation. It always seems to do this when controlling the radio, always changing stations. The restart has occoured when controlling the radio with both media engine and the program that comes on the CD. Any ideas? What driver are you guys using and where did you get it from?
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