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For people who installed LCD in their car; What are these called?

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  • For people who installed LCD in their car; What are these called?

    I will be installing a screen in dash. And I wanted to know how people usually mount the Lcd buttons.

    I need sort of small push buttons for this, right? maybe something like a calculator?

    I want to mount these separate and make them look OEM or stock, like they were put there by the factory. So I also want them to illuminate the same color as other buttons in dash.

    But the important thing right now is to find out what these type of buttons are called.

    You can see them in these pictures.


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    Surprised no one has answered this one yet?

    they are known as "Tactile Momentary Push Button Switch"
    *4-pin Surface Mount*

    You should find them at any electronics store otherwise its just a usual Momentary Push switch.

    Web Page:
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      Seeing as they are just buttons you could reuse that panel just relocated, then you just need new button caps and the correct colour light..


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        Is it possible to remove the button panel (ribbon) from the primary circuit board, so the button panel is not utilised at all - then still access the "same" screen settings by programming them into your Windows (or Linux) software menu system instead?

        For example, your Component IN (for a rear view camera) can still be accessed by setting a button on the menu system to lauch an App that streams the input from this video port. its (relatively) easy to mount a 7" screen into a standard 7" double-DIN fascia, but then theres nowhere for these button panels to go - unless you do start hacking up the fascia, so the buttons can still be accessed underneath, but thats alot of extra effort, plus making-right of the fascia afterwards, so it all looks tidy and OEM.