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  • Advice on new carputer

    Well I have a carputer that I bought from mo-co-so a while back with the dual core atom in it but could never make it all the stable with shut down and start up. So I ended up buying a CarNetix CNX-P2140 and was thinking Bout using it with an acer aspire 6930 laptop I have laying around. The laptop has a dual core 2ghz centrino and the intel 4500MHD graphic card.

    Here are my questions

    Should I stick with the mo co so carputer and use the new P2140 power supply or use the laptop?

    The laptop with the 4500MHD graphics only gos down to 800x600 in the windows settings and the touch screen I ordered supports 800x480 native (Mini Touch 700 7"), will it look horrible? Is there a way to get it to do 800x480?

    Which ever I use, should I use the on board sound or run the Sound Blaster X-Fi that I already own?

    I already have a license for centrafuse 3.5 with navigation but road runner sure looks sweet. What one would you run? centrafuse is sure buggy!

    Thanks in advance for your help :-)

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    Definitely go with the proper car PC mate,

    I brought my case and screen from MO CO SO all the way from america (i live in UK). Ive got the M4 ATX PSU. Definitely Recommend it!
    I run the on board sound and seems to be okay? I have never got round to Sound blaster X-FI which I will be buying soon...

    I use centrafuse on the free licence and have 15 days on that. Once this is up ill be going over to Road Runner

    Up to you though as its your kit