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Innovatek W72GPS OBDII?

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  • Innovatek W72GPS OBDII?

    Hi guys,

    I bought an Innovatek WGPS72 headunit a couple weeks back, and am still installing (amp(s), speakers, ect...) I have the headunit installed, and so far im quite impressed with what i got for the money, especially the BlueTooth capability, and GPS, once i installed iGo8!

    anyways, something i would love to see included in the software from InnoSoft would be some kind of bluetooth compatible OBDII scanning software! It would look really good running on the unit, and be usefull....

    I use an ELM 327 Bluetooth OBDII reader with my truck, and have some OBDII software installed on my iPhone4, but the software would be awsome if it was included, and installed on the W72GPS, something with user definable guages that could be displayed on the screen, maybe something along the lines of what DashCommand looks like?

    is there anything out there that would work on the WinCE6.0 device?

    what you think?