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    Hoping for your hand on this project. I am currently working on a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Stock, there is a blue LCD screen that displays radio information and HVAC (temperature, fan speed, defrost, etc.) A 3rd party company came out with a unit called "unavi", which consists of a trip module (plugs into existing blue screen connector) into it's own windows CE based 7" display. On the CE device, there is a program that loads :trip.exe: which is able to show the same exact information the previous stock blue LCD display showed.

    Here's what I figured out:

    The connection between the "trip" adapter and winCE hardware is an RS32/serial interface - the data is already being converted from TTL to the correct voltages internally in the trip adapter via a MAX3232 chip. I have been able to create my own adapter and "sniff" the data feed that is sent from the adapter to the screen, however when I look at the output, it displays as either hex, decimale or characters, none of which seem to decode properly. I am assuming this is using some type of UTF/text formatting, as the device is primarily sold in Korea and can display both Korean and English characters.

    Below is a snippet of what I have captured, I am hoping someone has an idea to what type of language/encoding this is and can point me in the correct spot on how to decode it - i've spent hours already, and haven't made any progress

    ComCap4 RS232 monitoring output:
    "0>> 0000000000 < 0000000000000 >000 00 0>> 0000000000 > 0000000000000 >000 0 0
    > 0< 00 > 0 >
    < 0 >< 00000 >000 0 0
    > 0< 00 > 0 <00> 0 >< 00000 0>0 0 0 <> 0 00 > 0> 0 0 0000<00< 0 >< 00000 0>0 0
    0 0
    > 0<
    00 > 0> 0
    0 0

    Sample HEX output via Device Monitoring Studio:
    "30 30 0c c0 c0 0c 30 0e c0 00 ce 0e ce f0 0c 0e 00 30 30 0e" (one packet)

    My ultimate goal is to make this trip adapter bluetooth, and then write a custom Android/PC program to be able to swap out the windows CE hardware for something that has more flexibility and use.

    Thank you all in advance for your assistance.. if you really help me out big time, I will be requesting your paypal information to send you a monetary thank you for your time.