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  • Ford Sync and Car PC

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Ford Sync. I am currently building a car pc for my car, and car pcs can never be up to date. GPS needs to be updated, apps arent there, music is not easy to update. Using the idea of the ford sync, is it possible to run everything through your phone. Instead of having a carpc, just run everything through your phone. Ex, you plug in your phone to the car, and bam everything comes up on the screen, maybe there is a special software that is able to use your phones apps and gps and what not. That way you dont really need a computer. Maybe I am just dreaming, and I dont have the programming skills to do it myself, but is there something like that out there? Just want to hear your opinions.

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    The phone is no different to the computer, it also needs updating, you need to get music on and off it, etc etc.

    If you have a 3g connection either via tethering your phone to the computer, or by a 3g USB card or similar, the computer is no different than the phone, plus it has a bigger screen, and much more powerful processing power, plus you can customise it a lot more.

    Personally, I would take the PC over the phone. No way can I use my phone screen while I'm driving. A tablet maybe, but no way a phone. car PC is always up to date. Software updates go automatically while I'm driving, and my music, I just throw it all onto a hard drive, and CF imports it when I plug it into the car, I just let that do its thing while I back out of my driveway.


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      this is your best bet in terms of using a phone/screen combo:

      though i agree that i think a pc is better...
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