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Source for 1-DIN enclosures?

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  • Source for 1-DIN enclosures?

    Does anyone know of a source for enclosures that can be used for mounting custom electronics in a 1-DIN car radio slot? I'm basically looking for an empty 1-DIN box with the mounting frame. I'll be making my own faceplates to go on the front.

    I've seen a couple of 1-DIN computer cases, but they don't come with a mounting frame, and have a power supply and drive mounting hardware and such that I don't need and just get in the way.


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    i can't say i've seen anything before..

    you might be able to rig something up using standard case materials. check sources like mouser, digikey, alliedelectronics, or newark in their enclosure sections. just remember that DIN is 2" x 7" so really any enclosure with those dimensions should work..
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      I've seen some single din guage pannels as well, but I don't know what all they come with. What are you planning on putting in it?
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