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  • Remote start car from pc

    Has anyone done this? I figure if the pc is running off a second battery or ups this should be possible. This way if your of has wifi communication you should be able to start your car from anywhere wihout paying that monthly fee to viper.

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    The best way to do this is with an actual remote start system. They usually have an external trigger wire you could hook up to a pc. Then just have the computer trigger the remote start.

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      The problem is having a PC running all the time, which will drain your battery....
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Out of curiosity, what scenarios would require starting your vehicle from further away then the current technology would reach via the remote?

        For carpooling, from a mile away you would think would be sufficient before you get dropped off at your vehicle, getting off a plane, it should work from the airport before you head for the parking area (unless the parking in offsite). Starting your car back home in the driveway while in Florida for the winter can be done via the low batt feature or timed start interval feature.

        I get the cool factor but unless your just into burning off a 1/4 tank of gas before you arrive at the vehicle to ensure the cabin is 72.5 degrees, I just don't get it. I have had a Viper for about 5 years and love it but have no desire to upgrade to get this feature. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. Now I would like to upgrade to get the rechargable remote, mine is hard on AAA batteries.
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          x219c, I see what you mean, I just wish i could bypass the remote start all together. But if that's what I have to do I'll do some research.

          DarquePerert, that's the purpose of a secondary battery or ups.

          PhilG, I fully agree with you about the distance factor. I park maybe 100 yards short of a mile from where I live...nice 10 min walk, perfect amount of time for warm up. I was simply looking at the fact I have this computer in the car, why go pay for a remote start, pay for instalation, and carry around an extra remote (which is actually the main reason). I dont want the extra remote, and if I program the remote starter into my fob remote, I'm limited to maybe 100 ft. So just trying to kill multiple birds with one stone.


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            What about wiring up a USB relay that can bypass the starter switch. Isn't that basically what remote start dose, it is just controlled with its own receiver and some basic logic. Although if you are going to have an always-on computer you could just remove the wires from the "start" position of the starter switch and use a USB relay to start the car from the computer all the time (not recommended). The Best way to do this that I can think of would be to wire a USB relay in parallel with the "start" position of the starter switch, so that the relay would bypass, but not disable, the switch. How do you plan to know when to stop cranking the car?

            Note: I think you would also need a relay for the "run" position to turn the ECU on and do anything else the run position would.

            Here is a USB relay board that should be more then what is neccessary
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              Boyracer0013 beat me to it, the other issue is starter control. Most of the current RS have an anti-grind feature to disengage the starter at the appropriate time. Some vehicles have this built in now too, I believe my truck does. It prevents starter damage if someone holds the key too long. If you vehicle has that, then that issue is handled, otherwise, it is a major consideration.

              BTW, you can replace the factory remote with the new one if you buy the RS with alarm combo and connect the door lock wires. You can also do some other cool stuff like turn on heated seats, PC etc. before entering the vehicle.

              I love my PC and agree with configuring it to do as much as possible but in my humble opinion, the remote start/alarm is a pretty important piece that needs to be a quality stand alone item. BTW, by replacing the factory remote, you also gain much greater range to lock/unlock doors and continual feedback to know the status of the vehicle. At night before bed, I regularily look at the screen of the RS just to make sure it's locked. I like the extra range on the door locks at stores because I seldom use a cart to shop, (just a guy thing I guess) so before I load my arms up with stuff, I will unlock the truck right from the checkout so no fumbling at the truck, especially if its raining.

              Man, I sound like a RS salesman, sorry....
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                Viper has the app for iphone to start your car via the app. I think this paradigm should be the way to go if that is what you want in your car. I, for one, cannot go this route without the Viper system because my phone will be the internet access for my car, though I guess one could use wifi for the car in the driveway (of course anyone with dedicated cellular internet in their car wouldn't be concerned with this).

                Now this brings up a question. The Wake-On-LAN feature most computers seem to have. Does this work over wifi? Can you have the pc boot up by sending it a signal over the internet using this method? If so, you have your low power option and still can remotely boot the PC and start the car up. Just theorizing here.


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                  The only problem with replacing my fob is I have a push to start (Infiniti M), I need my fob to drive. I can replace the remote with my fob if it weren't for range, but not vice versa. My problem is this whole venture is beyond me, I was hoping someone did this already and I could copy them, or someone with more experience it messing with cars and interfacing with the pc was willing to do this with their set up and we could do it together.


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                    One addition to remote starting your vehicle will be for people who are on holidays or away for longer then a week, In this situation they are able to run programs to start the vehicle every so often or do it manually via the internet/sms/phone and allow for things like recharging the battery, checking fuel and so on.
                    Of course you would want your software to monitor and remember fuel so the amount of starts would decrease as the fuel gets lower.

                    Then the usual of warming the vehicle up in the morning from inside, say while checking emails. You then can have a program started remotely via WiFi that will start the vehicle, when at temp shutdown. This can be extended to windows n so on... I could name 101 reasons why this setup would be used.

                    I'll personally be looking at having something like the Arduino running 24/7 and then maybe having that controlling the hibernation/sleep times of the PC or setup the InstantBoot option on my ASRock motherboard.. Having the Arduino detect the car being unlocked and then powering up the PC perhaps?
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                      Sorry to throw another wrench into things but don't you guys vehicles have the retained accessory power feature most new vehicles have these days that retains power to the accessories until the door is open or for 10 minutes after the vehicle is shut off?
                      I have that feature in my truck and if I remote start it and leave it until it shuts off by itself or if I turn off the car using the fob, my accessories retain power including the radio, PC and the monitor for approx. 10 minutes before shutting off. That would be a problem if I start my car from a distance and do not go to it to physically open the door. As a result that rules out the option for me to have my car start at intervals or to start it and shut it off as that 12" screen in the dash will certainly draw attention.
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                        But a remote start would have its own power - not thru ACC ETC.


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                          But I think Dluvr22's point is the PC/screen is switched on/off by the accessory circuit and the RS usually triggers that circuit so the PC would boot on RS and stay on 10min after the RS shuts down leaving the screen illuminated.

                          Depending on vehicle, some have 2 or 3 separate accessory circuits. For the RS, the main one to pickup is for the HVAC (the main reason for having a RS). If your vehicle has a second or 3rd ACC circuit, you could connect it to the RS and trigger your PC off of that circuit (or just the monitor if you want the PC to start on RS).
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                            Just a small thought.

                            Depending on the vehicle, you may have an alarm bypass module and/or a key fob transponder bypass module with a code being generated for the vehicle CPU security system. Most have an output that can be used to indicate a remote start operation.

                            If not, there’s usually an Ignition key detect line, use this to enable a tiny relay for screen/PC start-up. They should only run if the key is in the IGN and not if remote started.
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                              I know this is an older thread but I just came across it so I'll throw in my $.02.
                              To answer the "has anybody done it?" question, yes, I have. It's not something that I set out to do, it's just a feature of the alarm I have that worked out so I could do this. The alarm is a Clifford AvantGuard 4. Clifford (this is pre DEI) used a PC interface on it's IQ line of alarms and remote starters for programing features. In the software you have the ability to test the different alarm outputs including remote start.
                              So the next question is "how do you use it?" The only time it was of any real use to me was when I'd be working on the carputer while at my desk using a remote connection. If I noticed the battery voltage was getting low I could just start the engine and let it run for a while. There's definitely more potential with this setup, but I haven’t been able to get the computer to connect to the alarm since upgrading to Windows 7.

                              Like PhilG suggested, if you have a separate accessory output from the key cylinder for HV/AC you can disconnect the wire from the remote start that is powering the other accessories. On most newer vehicles there is only one accessory wire and everything is turned on by the BCM. I placed a normally open relay on the power wire for my monitor and another on the remote turn on wire for my amp. Between the ignition cylinder and where the remote start's accessory wire connects to the vehicle's accessory wire I placed a diode. I then connected a wire to turn on my relays between the ignition switch and the diode. When I remote start, the computer will start but the monitor and amp don't turn on until I turn on the key.
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