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2 Bluetooth Adapters 1 PC

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  • 2 Bluetooth Adapters 1 PC

    So my motherboard (Asus P8H67-I Deluxe) has an integrated blue tooth adapter. I am having a hell of a time getting Bluesoleil to function with it. Whenever I install Bluesoleil, the adapter won't make a connection. I uninstall, and the Asus BT Go software has no problem. At this point I'm fed up and considering just buy another adapter for $20 and calling it a day with the integrated 1. Is there any problem with this?

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    Does anyone know if there is a list of BT devices compatible with Bluesoleil? Also, when running BS, is it supposed to shutdown all Win7 BT services and only run its own? I am beginning to think my problems are caused by BS drivers not supporting the integrated mobo BT device or that BS is colliding with windows and shutting down services it should not be (Bluetooth Support Service will not run with BS installed).
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      You should be able to disable the onboard bt in the bios. But there really shouldn't be a problem having both enabled/active...
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        You can run Bluesoliel and the Asus BT adapter/drivers, but you have to associate the Bluesoliel driver with a different BT dongle. BS will not work with the onboard device. There are no settings in Bios to disable the adapter, you just uninstall the Asus BT Go drivers. I have the same board and have used a Targus dongle (and BS) along with the Asus dongle.




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          Thanks, spent about 10hrs trying to get this working, was driving my nuts.