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  • Starting over, new rig

    I've had a car PC for almost 10 years now. VIA EPIA-M & OPUS 150w

    The motherboard just doesn't seem to cut it anymore with RR or CF. (Run's around 30% CPU but spikes to 100% with any interaction). I want the car PC to be a lot smoother (faster) when switching screens and multitasking.

    The new build I was thinking..

    Intel D525 motherboard
    Opus 150w (the mother board is an 24pin + P4. i'll have to convert a harddrive psu connect to make up for the P4 connect on the motherboard)
    1 or 2 gig of ram (not sure if you need 2 gig or not)
    60gig SSD drive
    BU-353 GPS receiver
    JoyCon steering wheel controls
    Bluetooth (cell support with bluesoleil)
    USB Audio (or is the 5.1 onboard good enough for the above-average car system)

    Do-able ?
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    Perhaps you're using the wrong frontend if it won't run on hardware like that.

    That being said, you should be able to get by with a M2ATX, which I think is smaller isn't it? You should probably do 2 gigs if you're using CF or RR, but you'd be able to get by on 1gig if you're hibernating. Otherwise the rest of hte hardware looks good, and the D525 should have enough usb ports for you.
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      I'm looking into the Zotac motherboards aswell. I don't know too much about them yet, but there performance seems to be above the intel boards.

      And more reading, I think the ASRock E350M1 is the winner. Nothing but good reviews.
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