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Another "will this setup work" thread

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  • Another "will this setup work" thread

    Hi everyone,

    Just buying all the parts for my carPC setup and thought I would run the whole system by everyone to see what they think.

    6 Speaker output (2 front, 2 back, 2 tweater) hooked up to a cheap 4 channel amp.

    Amp hooked up to an Extigy sound card with a 12v DC->DC regulator wired up to the car electrics (Jarcar - MP3014). USB sound wired to USB Hub.

    Thinkpad PIII laptop with dead LCD screen running Linux. Configured to sleep and wake on power button press. Power running off a Thinkpad car adapter wired to car electrics (Jaycar - MP3462)

    Hacking open the laptop and wiring an external connector to the existing momentory switch. Will wire this connector up to a circuit which fires when turning the car on, and then again when turning off. This URL looks promising:

    PS-One LCD screen mounted in double-din space running through VGA->Composite convertor (doesn't look too bad in practise). Power run by 12v->7.5V DC->DC convertor wired to car electrics (Jaycar - MP3019)

    Self-made mounting plate for LCD screen with buttons down one side for control hooked up to hacked keyboard and PS2 interface (actually works).

    USB Hub that is USB powered - did find 1 link, but lost it now. Anyone know of one ?

    USB FM Radio adapter wired to USB Hub and existing car antenna (can't find the link atm - but was cheap).

    The main problems I have at the moment is
    * Finding the hub
    * Hacking open the laptop
    * Fitting the PSOne LCD screen into a double din. The screen itself fits but the circuit board is way to huge, no idea what im going todo about that. I havn't managed to get my car console apart yet to see if there is enough open space back there for the circuit anyway.

    Thanks for reading :-)

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    All these Jaycar comments suggest that you either an Australian or an NZ'er...

    A couple of comments:

    Screen - Someone here has done a HOWTO to connect VGA to a PS-one screen - will provide better quality than Composite.

    USB Hub: Jaycar have a couple. I suggest getting a powered hub for safety so that you don't have power hassles.

    Using Jacyar codes, I have a XC4815, which was mostly hopeless (couldn't connect GPS, Keyboard to it). I now have it in the house, although I'm willing to part with it if it's the sort of thing you're after.

    What sort of car?


    Where are you?


    I've since bought a XC4822 which is super small, and is powered off the computer power supply. This will go in the dash or armrest of the new car.
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      Yep, Australia - Newcastle, N.S.W.

      I have seen that Howto for the VGA conversion ..... looks a tad complicated for me. But I am going to keep it in mind for an "upgrade" later on.

      If I get a powered Hub then I need another DC->DC convertor to run it, unless there is enough spare left on the Extigy's convertor. If you think it's better getting a powered one though then I'll look into it, thanks.

      Car is a pretty crappy Kia Rio. No URL yet - getting it all together first.

      Thanks for your comments !


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        USB can use up to 500mA per port...each device can pull up to that much.

        So a 4 port USB hub can use up to 2A.

        Most motherboards/computers can only put out 500mA per port.

        So if you need some high powered devices hooked through the hub, then the hub better be self powered.

        I am sure if you look at the specs of the USB devices you are planning to use, you can find out how much power it draws.

        I am able to use a network card, a mouse, and a D/A audio converter through an unpowered USB hub off a laptop with no problems.
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          You'll have to show me your goodies when you get it up and running - I'm in SYD, but have family in Adamstown, so I'm up there pretty regularly.


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            Unless the extigy is externally powered then it won't do any good to use that as your 5V power source, and even if it is externally powered I doubt that it'll have 2A extra.

            Your best bet is to either build a simple 5V 2A regulator (could even be linear, those are super simple) or just buy a car adapter that gives you 5V out at 2A (they are like < $20USD, and they are linear regulators)

            You will most likely need to power your USB hub externally, however almost any USB hub will work without external power, provided that your devices in total do not exceed 500mA (or whatever the motherboard actually provides, some provide up to 1A). All that will happen if you go over is your port will shut down (it has an overload trip in it) and you'll need to unplug and plug back in to get it to "enable" itself again (ie no damage will occur to the system, so you can try it without external power first to see if you do need it).
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              Well at the moment the list of USB devices looks like
              - WIFI card
              - DLink FM Radio

              And thats about it :-) So I'll take all your advice and probably just give it a go on a non-powered one and see if it trips or not.

              Im still having trouble working out how to fit this darn LCD screen into my dash. Mainly because I can't get the dash open to see if it will fit and the manuals for my car are >$300 !!!

              Anyone else think of any good mounting options that can have the screen easily "hidden" ?



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                what type of car?
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                  2000 Kia Rio Sedan