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Griffin PowerMate, Windows 8 , & RR

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  • Griffin PowerMate, Windows 8 , & RR

    I have not given up on my PM as a volume/mute control...yet

    I have it working fine in W8 with RR but only when the PowerMate.exe is the "active" program. As soon as I touch anything in RR, I have to select PM.exe again to get the PM to work.

    So is there anyway to set PowerMate.exe as the default active program in windows? So basically when I touch any function in RR, RR would become the active program but as soon as there is no input activity it RR, PM.exe becomes the active program again automatically?

    This may be my one last ditch effort to save the PM from the spare parts drawer and have to shell out for a Space Navigator (which is way too much money when all I need is a volume control).

    I have read extensively other solutions here using Girder, etc. but honestly, I'm not sure I'm capable of following the instructions unless they are step by step. Besides, if I have to by Girder at $50, I'm halfway to the space navigator at that point.
    Thanks in advance for any help
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE