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Help a newbie. Which system?

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  • Help a newbie. Which system?

    Seems like this is a fairly technical forum, but I'm hoping someone can answer some basic questions for me.

    I have a Mercedes A-Class with a Blaupunkt front loading CD player (factory fitted). I want MP3 in my car but I don't want to change the CD player. What would be a good off-the-shelf system for me to invest in? I like the idea of an FM transmitter as I guess it would need no wiring. Is this a good way to go?

    All replies gratefully received.

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    I would do a search through the forum, as most of the questions you asked have been covered in the past. Also, if the factory unit offers CD Changer control, I would contact either Blaupunkt or Crutchfield to find if the standar Blaupunkt aux input adapter would work with your head unit. Also, if you are just looking for a prebuilt box, then check out They are supposed to be shipping a unit this fall that will interface with most factory head units with changer control.
    Good Luck!

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      Thanks AV, that seems to be an ideal setup for me