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Photo's of my Double din setup

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  • Photo's of my Double din setup

    OK guys, here are the photo's of my setup. I went to the mini-box place and picked up my power supply. It is a small operation but the people there were totally cool. They let me in the back where I got to see the whole operation. They had Epia motherboards all over the place.

    It turns out they actually loosely dimensioned the mini-box after a car stero (they actually had car steros lying around the place!).

    The guy who designed the power supply wasn't there at the moment but the lady I talked to was really cool. She showed me all sorts of mini-boxes and setups as well as told me all about the design and stuff.

    Anyway, I will be going back in a couple of days to return a second power supply so if you guys have any questions you want me to ask then post them. In the mean time here are the pics to my setup.

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    Should be sweet when it's done...Please post the progress!!!
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      Been there

      Looks good, I also went with the double din setup but I didn't have the mouting depth with all the cables attached. Have you tried it in the car yet? Is your dash deep enough? After I built mine I found out it wouldn't fit. sux.


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        It fits with zero inches of clearance, I had the most problems with the connection for the speakers and the keyboard. Odly enough I had enough room for a full size serial connector but not those items. I'm still playing around with it, but yes, I have had it all in the dash and working.