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Ipod Nano to car antenna?

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  • Ipod Nano to car antenna?

    HI everyone, Im new here. Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have an old convertible car that the door doesnt have locks on it , and I dont want to cut the dash, or have anything out in the open easy for anyone to reach in and grab. Id like to have at least MP3 and FM radio. The ipod nano seems perfect as its small, I can stick it in the ashtray or anywhere, and does mp3 and FM radio. The only problem is it uses the headphone cable as the antenna. If I run the headphone jack to an amp and have it in a console, ashtray, etc, I dont think it would get very good reception. My car already has an antenna on it, so I was wondering it anyone knew of any kind of breakout box to come out of the headphone port that would split it into audio out and to a car antenna? Im good with soldering, so i would be happy to make something if someone knew how to split it and it wouldnt get any hum onto it. Thanks in advance for any help!