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Did i just fry my soundcard??

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  • Did i just fry my soundcard??

    this is my setup so far

    Windows 7 64
    Asus m35 deluxe mini itx
    4g ddr 3
    128 gig ssd crucial m4
    Creative xfi 5.1 surround external USB soundcard

    connected to a JBL gto504 amp which is only about 200RMS 4 channel
    and it is hooked up to 4 speakers , one rockford 60w and the other polk 50w

    everything was working fine i had this setup for 2 months now.

    I was just driving along with my roof up and my windows down playing my music in centrafuse 4.0 at about 80 high% volume and the most embarassing thing happend. All of a sudden the music stops and it makes this whining noise like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but high pitched and loud as hell.. everybody started looking at me.. I thought my computer froze because the weather got warmer and i haven't yet seen warmer climates for my carpc but it moved when i touched it so i i proceed to turn down the volume in centrafuse but the volume wouldnt go down!! so i had to shutdown the computer and it went away.

    Then when i restarted, windows says i have no sound device and when i try installing the creative drivers it says " no soundcard detected " i unplugged it and tried again and still no go.

    blah this sucks,did i kill a soundcard with only 200rms

    and i swear it worked 100% before for 2 months.. wtf?

    If i killed it, why did this happen and how can i prevent this? anyone know?

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    i don't think it's possible to kill a soundcard from the amps output unless you had it hooked up incorrectly from the beginning.

    i would attribute this to bad luck, and move on-- if you get another one, and it happens again, then start pulling your hair out..

    btw-- my carpc died today going over railroad tracks-- i finally figured out the issue, and it happens every couple months-- the ram becomes unslotted enough to cause a reboot on hard bumps-- i reslot the ram, and i'm good for another couple months..

    you might have had a similar issue that just happened to kill the soundcard as well..
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      i fixed it. There was a little bit of water on the usb soundcard so i decided to take it inside the house and open it up. I opened it and found a bit of water in there so i took a hairdrier and dried it out for 5 minutes. Then i put it in and it works! The soundcard is in my trunk and when i open the trunk, some water gets in from the flap somewhere each time so i guess the soundcard just got wet. Either way thanks for your help soundman! I'm glad i don't have to buy another one!