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    Hi Guys

    I am building an electric car - so no exhaust noise

    I would like to be able to make/buy a system that would enable me to select a appropriate (or inappropriate) car noise

    The noise should "change" with throttle position and motor speed

    I would like to be able to select;
    V12 Ferrari,
    Steam engine (locomotive)
    Gas Turbine
    Rattly old ford
    somebody making wvroom noises

    I suspect that I am going to have to put a PC on board to do this
    I can arrange an MP3 and an amplifier but I have no idea how to make the sound change with throttle position and motor speed

    I couldn't even think of any useful search terms

    So anybody got any ideas?

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    I would think you could set up a kind of potentiometer or some sort of voltage divider rigged to the throttle. Then feed that voltage into a ADC, send that digital signal to a micro-controller (i recommend the arduino) that will communicate with the PC.

    From there you would need to develop some software that can read the digital signal being send from the micro and play an appropriate sound. For example, say the throttle is at 1/2 position that voltage may be 2Volts. that two volts will be digitized and sent to the PC. from there the PC must know to play the 1/2 throttle position sound.

    Or a very simple but sort of makeshift would be to hook the throttle up to a Gamepad/xbox controller. Fire up forza moterstorts, find the car you want in game and wire that to your external speakers.