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2011 Ford Super Duty Navi compatiblity

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  • 2011 Ford Super Duty Navi compatiblity

    First off i would like to say that this forum is great with a lot of helpful people and information. I was wondering if a 2011 ford super duty navigation would work in a 2005 ford super duty? The size is the same, and the plugs in the back are identical. I know I need a gps antenna. But I can't find any information on the CAN BUS system these trucks use. Are they the same? Any help help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to MP3Car!

    Nice to see another Super Duty here. I don't know if retro fitting an '11 Nav unit into an '05 will work and I doubt you will find many people here that are totally familiar with the nuances of what Ford may or may not have done to allow this to work. If you have not already done so, I would suggest you post the same question at . There are some extremely kowledgable people on that site with Ford Super Duty specific info. If someone on here does have the answer, I'm sure they will chime in.
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      I have been on the since 2008 and love it! I checked around there and couldn't find anynuseful info. Sredmyer is extremely smart with this stuff and is currently working on a module to trick the stereo into thinking it's compatible. Found out a few hours ago the CAN bus is completely different for 05's. They changed in 08