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  • Lighting question

    Maybe a stupid question, but can I send 12VDC to a 120VAC lamp ( If not can someone point me to somwhere like and Thanks.
    Last edited by Champak; 03-23-2012, 11:53 PM.

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    nope, not gonna work.

    try to look for led versions.

    what are you looking for in the indicator? color, size, etc..
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      Yeah, I looked at the led, just didnt like how they looked or least between these two shops. I want an led/light that I can drop into place and seal that would sit realatively flush, rather than me pushing it up from behind. color: any four colors, size 4-10mm I guess, less than 30mm deep.


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        Geez Soundman, of course he can send 12V to a 120VAC light. It might not light up, but it might get warm.

        Or use an inverter...

        But that's a neon indicator so it won't even get warm - it definitely needs an inverter.
        I can just imagine someone buying an inverter to power a $1.50 light. At least that might save the inverter itself needing a power light...

        Champak - just search for 12V indicator lamps, LEDs or bezels. There are hundreds of variants with different mounting options.
        And they don't flicker like those neons (unless that's your preference).


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          Thanks, I decided to just go with, seems like a decent light and should match my accents. How dol I figure out the amp max for the light so I dont tap into the wrong power line?......or do all wires carry 12V so I dont have to go the complicated route I was planning on.

          Side note, has anyone used this or something like this? How does it make out in comparison to electric tape?