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Those who run fans for cooling??

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  • Those who run fans for cooling??

    Did you connect them to the 12v rail from the psu in your pc? Or did you just wire it to the cars 12v line? If you did the last, wich line did you use? the remote? or just any 12v line?

    I want to run cooling seing how I run a XP 1700, and it gets pretty damn hot here in South Florida. I do run the XP underclocked. Its only running at 1.1GHz but that is still pretty hi and it heats up pretty good. I have never had a restart, cause of heat issues. but heat is electronics number one enemy.

    Any recommendations are welcomed.
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    I wired mine directly into the +12V main from the car, there's no need to waste regulated voltage on the fans. My PSU has a relay on it (sproggy style) that turns the +12V main on via the remote, so the fans are connected directly to the +12V main switched by the relay.
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      Thats what I did for mine. it doesnt pull any power from the PSU. Relay pulls about .15amps from the PSU.

      edit: I have an Opus PSU. It has acc input to turn on the computer when you turn on the ignition. The PC turns on about 5 seconds after the ACC line receives power. I installed a switch for the ACC line so that I can run the PC with out having the key in the ign. The switched side of the switch also goes to 87a on a relay. The 30 goes to the fans. 87 goes to constant 12V. 85 and 86 goes the the PC's 12V and ground lines. By doing this, the fans pre-cools the computer for the 5 seconds before the PC actually turns on. If I dont use the relay, as soon as I shut the switch off, the fan stops and it could overheat during the 10 seconds before shutdown. By adding the switch, the fans turns off when the computer shuts down. This is to componsate for the hot weather.
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        the one cooling the carputer is running off the PSU and the two cooling the AMPs in the boot are powered by the switch line that turns the amps on. That was they turn off and on whent he radio is on or off.
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