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Good VGA LCDs???

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  • Good VGA LCDs???

    Wondering what everyone's experiences or comments were with VGA LCDs? I'm starting an install which will include my laptop and I plan to send the analog VGA to the LCD (need high res for GPS). I have concerns about daylight glare, backlighting, durability, etc.

    What should I look at for?
    What's available that works and where can I get it from?
    Your experiences?

    To date, I found the Earthvue monitor which sounds nice but seems bulky (anyone have one?) I was more interested in an LCD kit that I can flush mount somewhere.


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    you will need a lcd that have 350 nit or more and contrast ratio of 200:1. then you will need to look for the way you will connect the panel to the computer. i prefer to use a regular screen card but then you will need a convertor from the panel to a vga.