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land cruiser prado 2007 CAR-PC sound problem

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  • land cruiser prado 2007 CAR-PC sound problem

    I still working on my car-pc and I almost finish but I have problem with sound system when I connect my amplifier to my laptop it working fine but when I connect to the car –pc, the sound of hard disk thinking come out from the speakers and when I connect the CAR-PC to AC-DC charger no noising so, please any idea ?

    I am really sorry about my English

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    I just try to power the amplifier from other battery (my car old battery) so the noise just disappear . that mean when i power the car-pc and the amplifier from one source the problem show up again

    Any idea


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      This sounds like a possible groundloop problem(somebody correct me if this isn't the case), it is usually caused by grounding the carpc and your amplifier in different places, it can usually be fixed by connecting the negative leads of both your amp and pc to the same place.
      If you're not using an external amp then you might have some success using a ground loop isolator, I have never used one of these so you may have to do some googleing for those!

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        thanks man ,, i Will try this solution