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Am i pulling too much curent?

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  • Am i pulling too much curent?

    Hi, i have a VW Urban Fox '06, i do not rightly know what the alternator is capable of, i have two amps in the car, a 150watt rms and 300watt rms, no caps.
    When the engine is off, the battery is at 12.5v, at idle it is 14.3ish v and when it is idling with the music as loud as i will ever play it(otherwise it is uncomfortable) the potential across battery+ and the chassis usually stays within 14.1-14.4v with the lowest it ever momentarily dropping to around 13.9v, am i pulling too much current from the system?
    I have also ordered some parts to assemble my car pc, consisting of a netbook that usually has a 90w charger(no battery installed, i think it will pull less current that way?)
    I am also going to buy a 7" lilliput.
    I know it is a small car but can anyone tell me what the signs are that i am drawing too much current or if i need a new alternator?

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    No, you're not pulling too much current.
    You'll know if you are when lights start dimming on hard bass hits.

    With the system you specified, I don't see that happening.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Signs you are drawing too much: Your battery voltage steadily drops until the car shuts off. Most modern vehicle alternators can handle the kind of power you're using easily.
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        if your really worried about it, install a volt meter in your car. with your car, i don't see any reason for worry until it drops below the 13.5v mark.
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          Alright, thanks everyone for your replies!

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