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Pre-build planning - thoughts ?

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  • Pre-build planning - thoughts ?

    So, I've had computers in my car since ~2002, not a n00b by any stretch of the imagination. But of course, as times change, I'm not on top of everything like I used to, so I'd like some input.

    First, primary goal is of course, GPS/NAV/music,etc, but the other key capability is to record 4 HD streams.. I'm gonna have cameras on each side of the vehicle, recording at all times....

    I'm currently running a T5650 Dual Core Intel proc, which is having trouble encoding HD. Considering it's a low power LT proc, and running an integrated Intel video chipset, I wasn't too surprised.

    I was planning on using a zoompc case, because they're large enough and make mounting easy and look good..

    I have yet to choose a MB, but I found quite a few that support quad core LT based procs, and I'm most likely looking at going with the i5-2500s, because the extra $200 for the i7 doesn't seem to get you that much more performance, while going from i3 to i5 almost doubles proc performance... Being that most of my needs are video based, I wanted a MB with PCI-E x16 so I could run a halfway decent half height graphics card for video encoding purposes.

    I'm pretty set on 4gb of DDR3, and a 30-60GB SSD for OS, with a 500 - 1 TB HDD for video/audio storage.

    The only issues I've seen to come up with are..

    1. Finding a decent half height card that can be used in a voompc case
    2. Power requirements of dedicated cards - most require a 300W power supply MINIMUM, I've yet to find a 300W PS that can be used in a voompc case
    3. Exact motherboard to use
    4. Firming up CPU choice - possibly using a DT based system for better performance (issues of power + heat)


    Background .. Secondary battery already chosen, auto shutoff for accessories already chosen, communications gear set up and planned for install.. Going to be installing mobile satellite TV/internet as well as other RF communications gear (HF/VHF/UHF, amateur radio)....... Into a vehicle similar to this....

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    The video card will affect playback not encoding. The encoding is all CPU unless you use an add-on card that is specifically for camera control / encoding.
    Get a video card that will give you the display out you need and then buy a fast enough proc to handle the encoding and other programs.