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  • Best mechanism of Internet access

    I've had installed and running two CarPC's in two cars. I have recently updated both CarPC's to AtomD525 motherboards.

    Said automobiles are an E46 and an E83. I am using an all in one interface called IBUS-CIS. This interface allows for a VGA to RGB connection to the 16:9 GPS screens and I currently map the radio knobs for control of the software.

    I am looking to enable tethering to my car phone. The currently configured automobiles do connect via BT to my PDA cell phones. (all windows mobile)

    I have "tested" the direct tethering and it works fine. I am into home automation and stuff such that I want to be able to see my HA server and security cams on the car pc but kind of do only an on demand type of connection.

    I recently purchased three new small AP's with USB to 3G/4G connectivity. I have tested the three AP's to work fine. I might upgrade one to DD-WRT for a bit more control.

    I was thinking maybe of installing one of the three AP's and running a USB cable to the phone area such that I can leave the USB port connected for tethering.

    That said I would also just connect the CarPC to a LAN port on the AP.

    As the two cars are identically configured I want to do the same for both.

    Is out there in mp3car carpc-landia that has done similiar to what I am attempting to do?
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    E83 - CIS-IBUS PC interface, AUX & CarPC. Purchased & pending - Angel eyes Pending: remote start.
    E46 - 16:9 display, CIS-IBUS, Radio to V53, AUX, USB IBUS interface,Mini ITX computer & remote starter.