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Windows 8 slate pc + Centrafuse

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  • Windows 8 slate pc + Centrafuse

    I've had a CAR PC project going for a while using a Zotac Mini-ITX motherboard under a front seat, and I'm looking to extend it now. as it was initially so kids could watch videos and play games in the back using a roof mount fold down screen while on long trips.

    I have plenty of grunt (i3 Second Gen+4GB RAM) now, and would like to extend it to a dual screen setup. Touch screen in the front for control (removing the existing normal car sterio), and one in the back to show video's/games for the kids while driving.

    However while starting my research a friend showed me their Samsung Slate XE700 (i5, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, and the dock has usb, ethernet, hdmi, audio output) running Windows 8.
    I was thinking the dock could be mounted for it in on the dash (forget the keyboard), with an external mobile USB drive you would have plenty of space for music/video, you can also add a gps dongle and bluetooth dongle (if the internal bluetooth doesnt work) which stay plugged into the dock and run centrafuse, or one of the other windows based front ends.

    Then you can take the tablet with you, but run a full CAR PC when your in the Car.

    What do people think (I'm sure I'm not the only person to think this).

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    Not a bad idea, but why run centrafuse when win8 has metro with apps as tiles?Just something to consider as Win8 is still essentially beta and will get more apps that are well suited to in-car use as time passes.


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      Win8 Metro

      Originally posted by Ryven View Post
      ...why run centrafuse when win8 has metro with apps as tiles?...
      Your quite right, that the metro interface in windows 8 is well suited to car operation, I think some key points would be still good via a front end like centrafuse, things like bluetooth phone call integration (is there a application alternative you could run?), I imagine you could purchase a turn by turn navigation application for Win8 metro soon after its release, and obviously media/weather/webbrowsing would all be fine with the native win 8 interface.

      It sounds like a possibility, the HDMI output also allows me to run the rear mounted screens I already have for playing of video's.