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  • AMP to Car PC

    Hello All,

    I have finally installed my pc in my project and most things are working pretty good for starters. I am having problems with the sound though. Maybe someone can help.

    In my amp I have Front RCA and Rear RCA. I have them connected and then they run via two seperate cables to the PC. The front is run into the Green output on my motherboard and the rear is going to the pink on the mother board.

    The Fronts are playing but they are not nearly as loud as they used to be when I just had a car stereo in there.

    The Sub or rears that are connected to the Pink output on the PC I can not hear at all. The Sub used to really hit when I had a car stereo in the car. I have disconnected the rears on the pink port and connected a set of headphones to see if anything is coming out but it is really faint and just barley putting out any sound??

    On the PC I have the speaker output configured 5.1 and it says the pink should be the center or the Sub????

    any ideas where to go from here??


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    Are you running Realtek drivers or something else?


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      A lot of sound cards auto sense what plugs are used, pink is normally line in/mike by default.
      So you may need to change that in the driver control panel or if auto sensing make sure all the 5.1 sockets are used


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        If you have it configured for 5.1 and are playing a stereo audio track (2 channels) you will only get the front two channels. To add the rears, configure it for stereo and use a y connector off the front channels. If you do a bit of searching here, you will find a ton of threads on this issue. The sub can be run off it too if you have ample sound shaping prior to or built into the sub amp.
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          Thanks for the reply

          Scratch: Yes I am using the RealTek High Definition drivers

          Wozza: Yes I have the control panel set to 5.1
          Here is another wierd thing. when I am in the control panel for the speakers and I do a test of all the speakers I can plug headphones into each jack green, blue, pink and sound comes out of everyone. As soon as I play music through winamp I have my front RCA jacks from the amp to the green and it works. the Rear RCA jacks from the AMP goes to pink or blue. And nothing. I then put headphones in both the pink and blue jacks one at a time while playing music and I can hear sound through the headphones but verrrrrrrry softly.... Could it be that it is not producing a good enough signal through these two configured ports to pust the rear speakers and Sub?????

          This is the internal sound card configured to 5.1

          PhilG: Are you saying leave the configuration in "stereo" Only use the green port and put a splitter?? How do you adjust front and rear then?