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M4-ATX issues

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  • M4-ATX issues

    Have a M4-ATX Fist off not super happy with it so far... Hopefully it is the user and not the product

    3 issues:

    1. Does not power the pc on when the car is turned on. I have power to the constant wire then when I power car on it has power to the ignition on wire but nothing coming out the back of the M4. I then have to go to the trunk and push the power button on the PC to turn it on. OK PC is on now on to the next problem

    2.Once the PC is on everything works great. I shut the car off and the Car PC never shuts off. It will stay on until it kills the battery. the only way to shut it off is to go to start shutdown, Then I am back to problem 1
    I believe I have it set to P1 I have the first dip lever set down and 2,3,4 are all set up on the PSU. It doesn't matter what position I move the levers in the reaction is all the same.

    3. Ok third problem... This problem is intermittent. PC works and when I shut it down. Then Start the car oh ya I have to march back to the trunk to turn the PC on.. Wait this time nothing.... The PC won't turn on.... I have power to the constant wire and power to the ignition on wire and the green light in the PSU is on but nothing.... The only way to fix the problem is to pull the pwr wire off the PSU let it sit.. then power it back on then the manual cycle starts again....

    Please help


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    Are you talking about connecting the correct Pins in the J8 plug on the manual . If so no I have not done that yet and that is probably my problem


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      Yeah, those pins are like the power button on your PC. When you press the button, you short those pins. Startup/Shutdown controller built into M4 monitors IGNition status of your car, and based on its state, "presses" the power button for you
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        Ha ha yes Enforcer I understand. In my defense the manual is horrible..... and Why to they not send all the cords necessary to asssemble. Anyway sorry for the silly question. I have the cables and will be working on it after work tonight. I will let you know where I get and if this solves my problems.

        nivanov: Good explination thank you. That helps clear things up.


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          question answered

          I ran across this and I think you just answered my question. And I did not have to ask.


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            Where do I get the plug for the back of the M4 ?


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              I am having a similar problem (still). The Bios on t the mobo I am using has been set to start up after the motherboard detects a complete loss of power followed by a restoration of power. this means (initially) I do not have to press the 'on' button, and presumably, I do not have to connect the M4-ATX to the on/off pins on the motherboard. It has worked with tow other power supplies so far, so I expect it should work with this one. The LED on the M4-ATX is blinking slowly. There are a couple of LED's on the motherboard that are illuminated, so I assume I have 5VSB. Checke +12V polarity on the M4-ATX - it is good. Any suggestions?
              BTW: I agree with bones5133, the manual leave A LOT to be desired.


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                The lead from the M4-ATX to the pwr switch on your PC should have come with the M4-ATX, it is a simple 2 pin to 2 pin lead.

                I have to disagree, the manual has enough information to be able to connect the M4-ATX up to a motherboard, and also more technical information than most will ever need.

                I think the main issue is that it (and this hobby in general) is designed for people who are familiar and experienced at connecting PSU's to motherboards and generally building their own PC's.

                Before you start saying 'but I am one of those people, I know what I'm doing, I have experience with this sort of thing', the very fact you weren't aware you needed to connect the M4-ATX to the pwr switch to get it to turn the PC on and off, negates that.

                @fls, try disabling the auto start in the BIOS and connecting the PWR pin from the M4-ATX. (you still need it connected if you want the PC to shut down gracefully after loss of power)


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                  Thanks for the help on this one. My M4-ATX did not come with a simple two pin cable so this is probably why I did not realize the 6&7 pin needed to be connected.

                  I was able to make one today out of a couple of two pin power switch connectors from a few PCs ready to be recycled.

                  I never claimed to be "one of those people" that is probably why my status is "newbie" I am new to the Car PC world. I am however am a Network Engineer and am Microsoft Certified with a MCITP. so I do have some experience with building and maintaining PCs and Networks.

                  This is my first attempt at building a Car PC and everything seems to be working good.

                  Thanks for the help and steering me the correct way.