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  • How is this done???

    Hey guys! I just bought a 2012 TSX and it has a multi information display where the stock navi screen would be. I was thinking about relocating the MID so i can fit my xenarc but then I came across this video. does anyone know how this guy got the factory MID info integrated into his carputer??

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    He's overlaying the video output from his stock unit on top of Centrafuse. It's not even embedded. If you look later in the video, in the bottom right corner is a widget that is probably the program that pops the controls up and down.



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      I think you're right. Now finding out what program it is that he's using. I tried contacting home but I don't think he understands English.
      I know that the stock MID screen has one plug behind it. He must of converted it into serial, parallel or even USB. I also came across some other users with that same method of displaying the mid info on their LCD screen over a different frontend.

      Ahh! I need to find out.


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        Well I found out that he's using something called GA-net+. It's a very expensive converter box that lets you use the factory navi with your carputer. Factory touchscreen, control knob and all. It's a pretty awesome little device with tons of options but it's out of my price range.


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          wow, you were right VERY expensive. geez
          $995 for the "full kit" and $750 for the "normal kit"
          thats an entire carpc budget right there :-(

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