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  • Push Button Latching Switch

    Does anyone have experience using this switch:

    The description says it is latching, but it is definitely not unless I'm doing something wrong. It has connections for +, -, C, NC1, NO1. The + and - connections have no connectivity to C, NC1 or NO1. If you place 12v over the + and - terminals all it does is light the led ring. If you connect C to either NC1 or NO1 you get normal closed or normal open momentary operation, not latching as stated in the product description. It is very frustrating to have to deal with this sort of inaccurate advertising when you're trying to piece together a project, but if anyone can clue me in on what I may be doing wrong I would be glad to hear it.

    edit: I may have figured it out; when you push the button there is a click when it opens/closes the circuit and if you push it just far enough there is a very faint second click and the switch will remain latched. However, it's completely unreliable and will only latch if you push it in just right and will only release if you push it just right again. Very poor quality for a $20 switch.
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    Looks like an Anti-Vandal Pushbutton
    Got similiar one myself...

    If its the same the switch i got has monetary action & also if u press in far enough it latchs on... kinda awkward for a dashbutton.
    Also u have to be carefull if/when soldering connections accidentally broke the (melted) the latching on a red led one i had before

    Personnaly i have it setup an ardiuno board the sends voltage to C & reads the NC1 & NO1 & then activates relays for Pushbutton LED / Screen / M2ATX etc...
    Kinda overkill atm but planning to add more to it.


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      C is common, NC1 is Normally closed and NO1 is normally open. The + and - are for the electronics inside (LED ring and the like). Deco is using it correctly.