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  • KeyPower DC-DC ATX PSU

    Here's an ATX DC-DC PSU. These folks want $160 US for the unit.

    <a href=""></a>

    Does anyone have opinions on this unit? I would really like the challenge of building a Sproggy PSU, but it will probably cost me nearly that much for all of the parts. Not to mention the tools & time (I am short on both)...

    I am just curios about your thoughts...

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    Mate most of the parts from Sproggy's PS you can get them for free as samples!
    So all you left to buy is few diods and if you dont have it already resitors and few caps.
    So it shouldnt cost you more than $15 i recon!



    System Comp V3 - In progress.
    Low power MB with C7 CPU, DC-DC PSU, car ECU link, USB TV, GPS, 7" TFT, Wireless, Voice.


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      this is very good psu. i am using this unit in my setup


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        Hi Fosgate... ya, that would be great if the free samples were still abundant... I checked at Coilcraft & the other supplier's on sproggy's supply list & there were no free samples to be had. When I put both of the parts from coilcraft into my sample cart they popped up a message saying that they don't give away samples to make an mp3 player and that I could purchase them for $5 each + -get this- $20 shipping & handling. Now, fair price for parts I can handle, but $20 S&H? I don't think so...

        Then there's the cost of making a PCB and tools that I don't own, etc... I will post a complete cost list in the next day or two.


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          I agree with pajero_mp3. My friend and I installed it into his setup. He's been using it for 9 months with no problems. If you want to go the ATX DC-DC route without soldering together your own PSU, I would recommend the Keypower PSU because it really does respect specifications.

          One year ago, I built an ATX PSU primarily based on the CAJUN schematics. It was very similar to Sproggy's PSU. It crapped out on me earlier this year, but it worked fine for 3-4 months. It cost me about $70 for parts from Mouser and Digikey. I got free samples for most of the ICs and connectors. It was fun to put it together, but a week's worth of my time IMO is worth more than $90.