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  • iPad or Galaxy Tab?

    I am going to be soft mounting a tablet in my 2013 Mustang instead of paying 2k for the in dash navigation system. Anyway, I am struggling to choose between an Android tablet or an iPad 2. The iPad 2 will not hook up to a backup camera and I will need to jailbreak it to work with my cheap Bluetooth diagnostics module. On the plus side, me and the wife have iPhones so the three devices would cozy up to one another nicely, syncing calendar and music (we use iTunes for most music purchases).

    An Android device would talk to anything I ask it to, including a backup camera and the diagnostics module but syncing music will be a pain. Also, the Android unit can run widgets meaning I can have lots of things onscreen at once.

    What to do? I like the idea of a backup camera but am not sure how much I would use it. I could always get a rearview mirror w/built in screen unit. I also like how the iPad and iPhones work together but the Android sounds like a better platform for Tablet CarPC.