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  • Playbook integration ?

    Just came back from Telematics Detroit where QNX had their latest show vehicle (Jeep). This one only had playbooks attached to the headrests in the back, but their Porsche vehicle ( was using the playbook as the controller for a lot of stuff. They are using Eclipse and HTML5 to do this stuff. They even recreate the dash (speedo tach etc...) and replace them with custom screens. This is a way deeper level of control than just the stereo and getting some OBD stuff on a screen. I thought you guys might find this interesting. Wish I had my camera at the show.

    Has anyone done a commercially available front end that will work on the playbook ? I have one sitting around that I never really use (got it for business but the fact that I still have to carry my blackberry around with it seems stupid to me). I would love to integrate it into the dash of my mustang.