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  • What do you think of this LCD

    Hi im new and was wondering what you guys recan of this lcd screen

    I like it caus i dont have to do anything to it, its all ready (as im not good with electronics and dont want to wreck a screen trying to get it to work), plus is in case and stand so i was going to leave some slack on the cord so it can moved around a bit in the car for backseat passangers.

    What do you guys think ?


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    depends on what you're using it for. If you're using it to be a PC monitor, the resolution sucks so much you can't read a thing. If you use it to hook up to a vcr or something, then it's pretty damn good. I have a 5.6" here that I was going to use for a pc screen, but it doesn't look good at all. If you wanna buy it off me, email me. I've only used it for about 15 minutes to test it out on a vcr and on a pc. Otherwise it's brand new. Here's the link to the specs Tundra Electronics 5.6" LCD Page


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      So should i get a vga lcd then better for gps and divx ?

      but then i cant use it as a tv for psx etc.


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        No he is saying that for playing DVD, DIVX
        TV etc it looks great..I know cause i used to own one...

        As far as using it for a monitor..the GPS isn't is ok for readabilty but any pc app isn't gonna look super in it because of the resolution
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          My suggestion is to get a VGA LCD, hook it up to the computer, and then get a cheap TV-tuner card for the computer that will allow you to plug in your PSX.


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            i agree with Chris Snyder


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              What ? you can plug your playstation into a video card wow.

              Any suggestions of where i can get a 5 - 6 inch cheap vga lcd then ?


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                "Cheap" and "VGA LCD" don't belong in the same sentence. While it is definitely the best way to go, you should plan on it costing you at LEAST $300 (and that is bare minimum) I'm sure there are a couple guys here who might have hacked something together for slightly cheaper, but barring any great stroke of luck, prepare to shell out some clams. One place to look that has been linked many times is Earth Computer Technologies


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                  The irony is, with VGA LCDs, the smaller the screen is, the more you can expect to pay, whereas, with video LCDs, it's the other way around.

                  If you had a TV tuner card with an input for an external antenna, you'd just have to send it the RF signal from the game console (or, if it does composite out, stick an adaptor between them) into that. I'm not sure how TV tuners work, though. You might end up with some nasty latency messing up your games.


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                    Actually Windows doesn't look all that bad on my Pyle 6.8" LCD. If you tweak windows right it looks pretty good. I just increased the font size, and there are a bunch of desktop proggys out there so you can make your desktop a fullscreen GUI. I use DesktopX and the GUI looks kickin', you can't even tell I am using Windows! I don't know how much the 1.8" helps compared to a 5" screen but it should get you by.
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                      <-- u did not use the new LCD devoted section.

                      but, if you were just using it for winamp (assuming u increase the font size) and movies than you will be happy with it... oh and that 1.8" does makes a big difference


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                        Thanx for help guys, ill think ill try get vga as was hoping to use it for gps in future and want to be able to read those street names etc.