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Divx/Xvid Capable Head Unit

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  • Divx/Xvid Capable Head Unit

    I apologize for asking something I know has been asked before but I had trouble finding anything in a search.

    Since my truck is fairly old I'm not looking to invest much into it, but I would really like to be able to watch movies in it. I have a pretty good collection of movies in mkv format, and also some in divx and xvid. Is there a fairly cheap head unit which will play these formats, from USB maybe? Single DIN preferred, but could possibly modify dash for double DIN.

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    Hi welcome to the forum. This is the only place i know that has excellent service. It plays divx but for mkv i think you will have a hard time finding that in a single din with a screen of normal size. not sure where your at since you didn't fill in your info on the forum, if you need europe they have a different model with different maps. Hope this helps SNO


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      Is the Innovatek stuff good? That particular one is a little bit more than what I was looking for, but their other models are in my price range.

      I am in the U.S.


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        It's not bad stuff at all. I have bought from them going back to 2004. The store has very fast service and will always help you if you need it. SNO


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          I did a little research and it looks like a double din will fit in my truck with little modification so leaning more towards that direction. I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews on the Innovatek stuff. Is there anywhere else good to look keeping the price below $200? The trick seems to be finding one that supports bluetooth and divx.