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help with Habey and PSU

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  • help with Habey and PSU

    So I currently have an M4-ATX with a custom built carputer. It seems my motherboard died (2nd one) and I am just tired of replacing it. I was thinking about the Habey BIS-6620-I. Mp3Car suggests I use a carnetix PSU with the unit. Is it possible to use the M4-ATX? I as under the impression the M4-ATX was regulated power. How would one wire this in? Does anyone know of any external cases for the M4-ATX? Currently mine is mounted on some plywood (dont judge me) since I have a small form factor ITX case. It is mounted in the 5.25 bay.

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    Can you use the M4 with that 6620? Yes.
    However, you're using the PSU in a manner wor which it was not designed, and as such you have to jury-rig the PSU.
    There are guides on here to make an ATX power supply do what you need.

    This is not a setup I would recommend. MP3Car recommended the Carnetix, and I would, too.

    If you want a case for the M4, get to fabricating.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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