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  • Hardware help!

    I could use some advice on what board to run. Now I have done some research. I will probably be using road runner. I want the average car pc functions music,audio quality is a must. I want dvds to play smoothly, gps, radio, and I want to be able to play my emulators. If I could play ps2 and wii on it Id be absolutely thrilled.

    I plan on running xp ive got a license for pro or home.

    I seem to be able to run road runner relatively smoothly on my older eeepc. I just dont know if when I get my radio, gps receiver, etc exactly how much horsepower im gonna need.

    Hardware I have sitting around.
    7 inch usb proximus touch screen
    AMD tk-55
    2-1gb ddr2 sticks of laptop ram
    a 4gb and 2 gb stick of ddr3 laptop ram
    2 slim dvd roms and enclosure
    a 320 gb seagate 2.5" hdd

    I am a big fan of AMD I have had nothing but trouble with intel since the old pentuim 2s and p3s. Remember the slot loaded processors? The p4s were even worse.

    Anyway. I would like to avoid intel if at all possible.

    I was considering an intel atom d2700 chip until I heard about the driver issues with the graphics chip on xp. They have now released a "working" driver but I have not heard anything positive.

    My main choices are an amd e-350 board. I like that its tiny, and power efficient.

    A A6 quad core and mini itx board this puts me a little over budget at 160 I can cut this down if I go with a dual core a4

    An older a3 socket matx mobo and processor. If Im able to get a cheaper am3 processor to unlock Id be thrilled. This is a relatively cheap option, but its also the only one thats not direct x 11 compatible, consumes the most power and puts off the most heat.

    Any help is appreciated. Ive been reading through the projects on here but they dont really answer my question. They vary from i7 quad cores to single core atoms. I also know my usb touch screen is going to be a little harder on the cpu and ram. I will also be driving all of the screens in my car now.