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help solve a 4 monitor problem.

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  • help solve a 4 monitor problem.

    I recently realized that the answer to my problems, whats been hanging me up was a video card. i was looking for a all motherboard lvds solution, and i even wasted money in a usb to dvi box. works... but the are choppy and crap.

    Im builing another car computer, a carputer if you will. its base is a Intel H77 mini-itx mobo with a core i5 3.1GHz and 16gb ram.


    Becasue in makeing all my guages digital, the spedo the tach everything. and im going to have the first display the main guages, the upper one for speedo and heads up info, then the two right ones for GPS and Videos. thats alot going on.

    Not exacly Crysis or Battalfeild but still alot being processed at once.

    i was looking at the gtx 650 2gb origally but when i spoke to tech support he said that it only supports a maximum of three screens.
    so plan b is a gtx660 not the ti, no need for that. its still $100 more expensive though. also these cards all take alot of power! in a caputer you try and conserve power where possable. and the PSU's are 250w max! good thing is they are stackable, but at $80 each not cheap. is ther a better option? also the mobo im looking at is a Intel BOXDH77DF it has two outputs as is when useing a i5 with hd grafix, and i am. so dose anyone know if i can retain the onboard video too? becasue then i can go with the gtx650.

    Im open for any options
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    i did find a responce from intel...

    Guest: I want to use an external PCI Express* graphics card in parallel
    Intel: The Intel integrated graphics controller cannot be used along with an external PCI Express* graphics controller. Installing a PCI Express graphics controller will disable the Intel integrated graphics controller.

    Im sure some of you remember me, looooooooong time user, left when it died out in 08...
    Click image for larger version

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    Life Dosn't come with a reset button, if it did you might as well turn the game off.


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      no one?
      Life Dosn't come with a reset button, if it did you might as well turn the game off.


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        Pretty much as the Intel rep told you: Installing an addon PCI-e card will disable the internal video since they share the same bus (technically PCI-e should not have this problem but it is a takeover from AGP which could only do one card at a time. Likely leftover code Intel hasn't fixed or too lazy too). You'll either have to find a card with enough outputs, try adding another card in addition, or see if adding a PCI card (not express) will do what you need.

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          i have done much much research in this direction. and what i have found, didnt want to post becase that makes ppls responces biased to say, yea do that...

          i have a Geforce MDT option, the Galaxy MDT GeForce GT 210 is too weak and will not work at all. the Galaxy MDT GeForce GT 520 and 610 seem to be exacly the same card and according to this video it may just do what i need??? but he did not play a video off of it.

          then there is the amd ati firepro series, like the firepro v2460 but i need t spend another $30-40 on active minidp to dvi-d times four, and then four dvi-d to dvi-i adapters. but they take only 13-75w depending in the model. even the stupidest card they have, the v7900 takes 75w of power, its 2gb and 256, over my so far number one choice the MDT 610 or 520 which are only 1gb and 64-bits, im not even sure if this card will run the hd videos on one screen .

          but i would say that the front runner is the Galaxy MDT GeForce GTX 570, it has 4 dvi-i plugs, so no stupic expensive connectors, but its a power hungry whore! needs a minimum of a 500w PSU, but if you watch the video, it dose what i need it to do. and since i will not be gaming in my car, i dont see it useing more then 100w...

          The other problem... ITS MASSIVE! as far as other options Quadro NVS 450, but it clearly says that it spans the display. not what im looking for but the ultra nerd at my fave computer store recommended it . or the VisionTek Radeon HD 5570, it bosts low power and hd video, I just dont know if it will actually display four seperate screens?, or just span and cut up the desktop like the rest.
          Life Dosn't come with a reset button, if it did you might as well turn the game off.


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            If you have the room internally you can install 2 or 3 PCIe cards and crossfire them or something similar.
            Problem is that there are no current automotive power supplies that will give you more than about 250watts. You can not double up supplies unless your motherboard supports it.

            You might be better off looking at a USB video monitor for screens that won't be affected by a slight lag.

            You could also install Android tablets to work as monitors and just have them perform the options you would have been showing on the screens.

            I plan to have up to as many as 9 screens in my truck but many will be run off tablets, USB touch screens or the other miniture PC's in my truck. (3 screens up front, 3 in the back and 3 HUD screens.)
            2 screens up front off the main PC, 1 off another mini computer, the 3 HUDS will either be displays from a mini pc or directly off a camera feed. The back screens will run parallel with the front screens with 2 of them being USB screens and the third will likely be a tablet. Truck is still in design..



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              man thats doing what i am eh...

              i already have usb's... the ,mobo im getting supports 2 outputs already, and the usb 3.0 to dvi dongles seem like they are a solution.. to us both actually. you can add as manny as your cpu will allow. the 2.0 ones arnt quick enough


              the evga one being the clear winner here.
              Life Dosn't come with a reset button, if it did you might as well turn the game off.


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                dont know if you've sorted out your 4 monitors, but what about this? then all you need is a dual out mainboard or graphics card and away you go..

                we use them at work, and they work exceptionally well
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