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XMD1000 & MP3Car USB Adapter Ground Loop

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  • XMD1000 & MP3Car USB Adapter Ground Loop

    Prebuilt car pc from MoCoSo with intel board, XM Radio Directed XMD1000, USB Adapter from MP3Car store (being powered by pc's M2-ATX)

    The XM Radio XMD1000 is being powered by the USB Adapter from MP3car, and that is being powered by the M2-ATX power supply from the pc. Yet I am still getting a ground loop. Using a ground loop isolater fixes this issue. This is the way its been for a few years. However I need to fix this issue now because I have added some new components (auto sensing AUX switcher and HD Radio) and the XM radio is causing issues.

    Since the XM Radio is getting its power and ground directly from the PC, I am not sure how exactly I can isolate the problem or fix it. I would think this would be the ideal source for power and ground. The MP3Car usb adapter needs regulated power so I cant connect it directly to the battery and I am not sure how to get another regulated 12v source.

    Any and all information is always greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Personally I would power the XM from the vehicle, it is capable of using unregulated power. Then you will have a good vehicle ground. Not sure why you can't do it this way, I am not familar with the usb cable so I can't figuire out why it would need regulated power. If you have a empty serial port on the computer why not make the serial xm cable and then you can power directly off battery power. Just my 2 cents SNO