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Any hardware for carputers with HDMI input as well as HDMI output?

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  • Any hardware for carputers with HDMI input as well as HDMI output?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking around and doing some searches and can't seem to find the answer. I'm looking for carputer hardware that has an HDMI input so I can plug something like an Android phone with HDMI-out into the carputer, and still view the output from the carputer using HDMI to an in-dash touch-screen. Is this possible? Thanks!

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    you might be better off doing the opposite - why not put a google tv unit in between the computer and the monitor?


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      Thanks for the reply! What product are you referring to exactly?

      With using the MimicsX2 module (once it's available) I would need to somehow send the audio and video from my phone to the screen and car's speakers. I could run the HDMI cable from the phone directly to the screen but then I would have no audio from the phone....... unless.... I can pair the phone with two devices at the same time (the MimicsX2 and a Bluetooth adapter on the carputer) so that I can send sound to the carputer via A2DP somehow. Not sure if that's even possible, and not sure if the phone is capable of broadcasting A2DP and output at least video via the HDMI-out at the same time....

      Any ideas? Thanks again!


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        In case anyone reads this because they're looking to do the same, I've come up with possibly two different options...

        One is to use a PCI Express TV capture card with HDMI input. This should allow me to retain HDMI quality video and good sound, and still be able to output HDMI from the motherboard to the screen.

        The other option is to get an HDMI switch/selector. They make them containing anywhere from 2 inputs and 1 output, to 5 inputs and 1 output from what I've seen. They've even make auto-selecting switches. One input would be in the "always on" port (the carputer's motherboard video output would go here) and then it will automatically kick over to the other port(s) when the device (in this case, my phone) sends signal to that port. You can also get some HDMI switches/selectors with remote control port switching. Sounds like I'm onto something that should hopefully work.


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          Considered using DLNA to feed the computer with audio and video from your phone?

          Might be a more simple and flexible solution. Then if you wanted for kicks you could do it in reverse and watch video from your computer on your phone if you were in the DMV for instance. No wires required, you could leave the thing in your pocket and do it all over WiFi.
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