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  • Some Radio Signal Help Please

    Hi Everyone.
    First time posting a help thread.
    Heres whats up maybe someone can shed some light on it, or give me a signal boost.

    I have a 07 scion tc.
    I have my LCD wired into the ignition and main power where the headunit used to be.
    I have my vga cable and usb cables and speaker cables running along my pass side to the trunk.

    In the trunk I have my PC my amp and my Hd direct radio.

    Awesome! now I had to modified the antenna cable since it gets power from where the headunit is. So I cut the cable and soldered a new antenna wire to the stock connect and left the power led with that.

    Ok I figured that would work. Well I dont think it is.

    Here is what happens.

    Turn on the car and my pc boots up... which is another problem I am having it never goes into hibernation it just shuts down and I have to wait for the boot up. but that isnt my worry right now.

    It turns on RR loads, the radio starts to play if I am lucky. I see the signal at full and then it goes completely away, then it goes back to full and it just keeps doing that. Sometimes it will not go to full at all and it shows no signal the radio is completely unintelligible . I have lost a lot of stations that I used to pull in. etc....

    So I need some help or suggestions.

    I hope that I gave enough information if not please ask.

    Thank You so much I know someone might be able to help me or tell me what I am doing wrong.