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Arduino as a touchscreen controller. Is it possible?

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  • Arduino as a touchscreen controller. Is it possible?

    I have been breaking my head trying to find a way to get resistive touchscreens to work with the MK802 and SS808 (MK808). I know there are linux drivers, but I dont understand all that recompiling stuff. Still not sure if it would work after that! Would it be feasable to make Arduino as a controller. I know it connects to Android, but I do not know if its worth the trouble.
    Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

    1X Ainol Novo Flame Tab
    4X MK808b
    3x Perixx Touchpads
    3x 7 inch Screens
    1X 7 inch motorized Screen
    1x Win 7 PC

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    Here are a couple of links for you...
    My guess is since it has been rooted and there are custom roms available for it that it is just a matter of finding the right person to do this for you especially if you have the linux drivers for it. My understanding is that you can use Linux drivers with Android kernels as long as you have the source code and can compile them together.
    Xda forum link that discusses this a little..
    A whole forum based on hacking the MK808...

    Good luck!


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      an arduino can control almost anything , just be aware of the fact that an ardiuno has a little processing time , so there could be a delay between your touch input and the command actually reaching your system.

      I am going to use an arduino for my system but because of the above I have decided not to run my touch through my arduino.

      My suggestion will be to try it out of you already have an arduino , but I wouldn't buy one to try it out , the chance of delay on your touchscreen is a bit too big to spend money in my opinion.
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