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    I have been looking at a couple of tings latley and I am courious if I am on the right track here? first off the whole power supply thing. how much of a difference is there between this opous and say a tripp lite inverter? I am looking at the 500watt one.
    I read that you have to total up all of the items in the puter like cdrom and ram things like that. wouldn't all of that be ran off of the pc power supply? say you have the atx case 250W power supply, isn't that supposed to power all of the componets?

    and the monitors? would a 5.6" tft lcd sunvisor monitor be a good option? I am in a fox body mustang and really cant find anywhere else to put a monitor! I have a sunroof too. not much room for a flip down module. I am having a problem mounting the stereo somewhere else. would look nice to have the monitor in that big opening but.

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    The opus is a pure dc-dc ATX power supply for your pc with some nice built in options (auto boot, delayed power off, etc), where as the inverter simply provides DC-AC, which you would then plug your standard AC-DC atx power supply into. The opus is a lot cleaner of a solution, being both smaller and not adding the potential noise of the inverter (cheap (ie less than a few hundred dollars generally) inverters produce a "stair-step" sine wave, which can be hard on electronics expecting a true sine wave). That being said, an inverter is much cheaper, and I don't have any problems with mine off an inverter.

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