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This looks pretty good.....

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  • This looks pretty good.....

    This has REAL possibilities in a carPC install. Features:
    • Analog joystick with central push-button two axis (X and Y) and a center pushbutton.
    • 4 push-buttons laid out in a diamond pattern.
    • Linear potentiometer slider near the bottom of the board.
    • Microphone for getting the loudness (amplitude) of the surrounding environment.
    • Light sensor for getting the brightness.
    • Temperature sensor reads the ambient temperature
    • Three-axis accelerometer measures the board's relation to gravity on three axes (X, Y, and Z)
    • Buzzer can produce square-waves.
    • RGB led bright LED with Red Green and Blue elements for color mixing.
    • 2 TinkerKit Inputs to connect the TinkerKit sensor modules with the 3-pin connectors.
    • 2 TinkerKit Outputs to connect the TinkerKit actuator modules with the 3-pin connectors.
    • TFT display connector connector for an optional color LCD screen, SD card, or other devices that use the SPI protocol.

    Availability may be an issue, although it's possible you might see it at Radio Shack in the near future. SparkFun or even right here on mp3Car might be an option, too. Looks like around $60 delivered or there abouts, but an awful lot of capability for that price.



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    Available now at Radio Shack.

    I know what I'm going to get myself as a little stocking stuffer.


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      Your lucky you still have a radio shack, long gone here in Canada now called The Source now owned by Bell and now just a cell phone, mp3 player store. Electronic's section is down to 1 little end display mostly with clearance sale sticker's. It seems like the arduino is really taking off with so many different flavors to choose from. This last one you posted kinda looks like a ps3 controller(at least in shape) Keep us posted with your findings. SNO