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Mini PCI-e to USB and SATA they work?

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  • Mini PCI-e to USB and SATA they work?

    So, I've been having some problems with my USB music drive disappearing. It may actually be more than just the music drive as the Boomzbox radio has gone missing a couple times as well.
    Anyway, I was surfing e-bay and found a simple looking adapter for Mini PCI-e to USB and SATA.
    It would allow me to change my music drive to SATA and provide an additional USB port.

    There are other adapters that are either SATA or USB and they seem to have more components on them.

    Has anyone used something like this with success?


    p.s. my motherboard is an Intel D510mo. Further reading tells me that if your motherboard supports an ssd on the mini-pci-e slot that the simple adapter in the picture might work because the sata controller is already built into the motherboard.

    P.P.S The Intel D510mo does not have SATA signals in the mini PCI slot. Any of the mini PCI SSD will NOT work on this board. The adapter pictured would work IF the board passed SATA to that connector.
    Should have searched more before posting but hopefully this will help someone else.
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    What about one like this with an actual SATA controller onboard: 2 Port Mini PCI Express Internal SATA II Controller Card MPEXSATA22I


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      Yup, those were the other ones I found. Either USB or SATA. Those would probably work.
      The decision becomes do I want to eliminate the usb/sata disk adapter for my music drive or add another usb port.

      I'm thinking sata would be the way to go and see if a low-profile pci card would fit to give new usb ports if needed.

      I've already ordered extra external drive enclosures for their usb/sata adapter so I'm going to try replacing that first to see if it improves things.
      About two years on this hardware isn't too bad I think. I'd like to replace the motherboard with something that boots faster but it's not a trivial task to replace since everything is soldered to it.


      rray, you said you manufactured model plane kits? What type and for who? I fly gliders mostly but enjoy most things with wings.
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        I laser cut balsa and basswood parts for a couple East Coast model companies, but don't know much about them, just 12" x 18" sheets of parts, not the whole kit.

        The train stuff I made the complete kits OEM for lots of companies, both structure kits, and rolling stock. Train stuff sells like crazy.

        I do some sign making projects,and have also cut some delrin and acrylic sheet parts for model cars. Just your generic CO2 laser cutting and engraving service. I have also rastered some cool laptop cases.

        As far as the main reasons I went to a car pc from Android based head unit is because USB and SD cards are so slow and half the time I boot, don't see the music without ejecting and re-connecting them.

        I just bought a 240GB SSD to put in my car pc, because I like their quick search response. Probably overkill, but 300Mb/sec is a lot better than 10Mb/sec from a USB drive.
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